What Are The Advantages Of MEAN Stack Development Technology?

What Are The Advantages Of MEAN Stack Development Technology?

MEAN stack development is a technology that refers to the collection of Javascripts technology that helps to develop web applications. It is a technology used by many IT Outsourcing Services to create fast and powerful apps. It is a user-friendly stack that is a complete solution to build dynamic sites and apps. In addition, it is a free and open-source stack that offers faster and organized methods to create prototypes for web applications.

The MEAN stack comprises four different technologies:-

  • MongoDB: It is an open-source, cross-platform database written in C++.
  • Express JS – It is a mature, lightweight, flexible server framework. Used for building single as well as multi-page and hybrid web applications.
  • AngularJS: It is an open-source javascript framework. The ultimate goal of the framework is to introduce MVC (Model View Controller) architectures in browser-based applications.
  • Node.js – This allows developers to create web servers and build applications.

Now, we are familiar with the term MEAN. Let us now ponder its benefits and the reason behind its growing popularity.

Advantages of MEAN stack development technology

Here are some of the advantages of MEAN stack development technology-

  • It allows us to create the easiest open-source solution, which can be later used to construct easy-to-maintain robust solutions.
  • It allows us to switch between the client and server, which means no third-party server is required.
  • It allows rapid development of applications.
  • MEAN is a full-stack development technology that uses JavaScript that is purely free.
  • MEAN uses uniform language during stack development. It makes the job of developers easier.
  • This stack development uses low memory impressions.
  • It helps us to avoid not-so-necessary groundwork.
  • Maintains the application well-organized.
  • MongoDB built for the CLOUD that automatically allows sharing and clustering across servers.
  • Node.js helps to simplify the server layer. It stands helpful for small businesses as well as the tech giants.
  • It makes the code invertible.


Hence, we can conclude by saying that MEAN stack development technology comprises various features that make it worth using. As a result, many developers from all around the world are working on the MEAN stack.

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