Software Development Stacks to Use in 2021

Software Development Stacks to Use in 2021

Software development stacks are to your applications what groundwork is for a building. In simpler words, the software development stack combines all programming languages, libraries, frameworks, software, tools, etc., which is necessary for the smooth functioning of your website, app, etc.

Software Development Stacks to be used in 2021

MEAN Stack – Mean stack software technology refers to the cluster of Javascript technology that serves to develop web applications. It is a stack that is utilized by many IT Outsourcing Services to create secure and capable apps.

It comprises:

  • js– It allows software developers to design web servers and develop applications on them.
  • MongoDB– It is a document database used by backend developers to store data.
  • Express JS- It is a framework used to develop the application in Node.
  • Angular js – It is a framework used to introduce MVC (Model View Controller) designs in browser-based applications.

MERN Stack- It is almost similar to the MEAN stack. The only difference is that it uses React instead of Angular. The main advantage of the MERN stack is that it uses React integration, its powerful library, and the capability to apply code concurrently on multiple browsers and servers. Most developers prefer the MERN stack due to its distinctive front-end and backend abilities.

LAMP Stack- LAMP categories under the open-source software development stacks. It comprises four components which involve Linux (open-source OS), PHP (a backend scripting language), MySQL (working as DBMS), and Apache (cross-platform website server).


Picking the right software development stack can be a tricky task. So, it is crucial to get in touch with a good IT outsourcing company for your company’s growth. Here at Infiniti Tech Solutions – a Custom web application development company, we set out to choose the most suitable software development stacks that can create your software product highly competing and satisfy your organization’s sole requirements. Infiniti Tech Solutions is a software development company in the USA that proposes all services to meet your web-related requirements. We believe that clarity and commitment is the key to success.

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