Laravel Web Development – Know-How and Dos & Don’ts

Laravel Web Development – Know-How and Dos & Don’ts

Over the past few years, Laravel has become one of the most popular and reliable frameworks for web application development and affordable website designs. Regarded as one of the finest innovations in the world of software development, this open-source platform which uses the Agile development process, has various advanced features that provide stability, easy customization, and clean, debuggable code, making Laravel a stand-out from other PHP (hypertext pre-processor) frameworks.

The future of Laravel development seems bright, and more and more developers should get into its know-how to stay ahead in the game. Here a few points one should consider during Laravel web development –

Remember to Set Application Key

Once installed, make sure to set the application key. If installed via Laravel Installer, is it already set by generating command? The key is 32-characters long and can be set in the environment file. Without doing so, user sessions and other encrypted data will not be secure.

Remove Development Variables and Configurations

Since a number of developers/servers use your app, do not forget to remove all development variables and arrangements to ensure that there’s no security threat or risk. If sensitive credentials are revealed, intruders can gain access, so one should be mindful of the source control repository.

Avoid Updating for Unnecessary Complications

This is a problem with most PHP platforms and not just Laravel. Upgrading framework versions can become problematic because usually, two consecutive versions lack continuity and certain flow. So if one isn’t highly skilled, one shouldn’t upgrade, as the entire system may crash and stop working.

Use Local Scopes to Query

The scope is an efficient method in your model by which you can add database logic to get rid of it. You can extract a part of queries from the model and reuse them somewhere else in your model.

Use Relationships to Avoid Big or Bad Queries

To avoid or tackle big or bad queries, developers should learn and get a proper grasp on ‘relationships’ that allow you to relate the tables in a very easy format. One can avoid joining queries or extra queries by choosing from the different types of relationships.

In conclusion, we can only say that Laravel is a wonderful framework, and due to its high efficiency and other strengths, it is here to stay. We would recommend it to all budding developers, and promise you that learning this skill would prove to be extremely fruitful for you.

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