Refund Policy

InfinitiTech Solution has a large portfolio covering all its services to give clients a glimpse of the quality of service they can expect from us. It is advised that you take a view at the samples in each service section before giving us an order. You can make further queries in this regards to clear all your doubts before placing an order.

Advance deposits for various services are charged by InfinitiTech Solution and they are non refundable. Payments in instalments are charged for custom web design and other internet based services and they should be treated as a courtesy form the company towards the client. In some cases, full payment of the service shall be required by the company as the money is paid to the experts in advance for the completion of the project. In such cases, the money paid is non refundable if the client cancels the project at any stage of its completion.

The estimates for the completion of a project of the client given by InfinitiTech Solution are only roughly calculated and they can increase depending upon the time frame and the features of the services required by the client. The client shall be informed about cost escalation and the project shall be completed only with his prior approval in this regard.

By accepting the quote given by the company, the client agrees to the terms and condition of the payment of the company. The client can give his acceptance in writing by email or by signing the quote.

Refunds are possible only when no work has been initiated by the company after the singing of the quote. Partial refunds are possible in case some portion of the project has already been completed. Under these circumstances, the percentage of the advance deposit to be returned will be calculated by InfinitiTech Solution on the basis of its efforts and expenses and its decision shall be binding on the client.

Please note that no refunds are possible if the client is not satisfied with the quality of work done by the company and the services have already been provided. It is the responsibility of the client to bring to notice of the company about quality immediately. No negotiations for refund will be entertained by the company at a later date after the completion of the project.