An Overview of .Net development Technology

one of the most useful frameworks in the world of Software Development. Which can be used by developers to develop software for Windows, Mobile, and IoT Devices by using languages like C#, F#, and libraries, Visual Basic, and editors. To understand any technology, you should analyze its Advantages as well as disadvantages. it is the type of technology that contains the power to construct Websites and web applications, helps businesses to reach success. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that is proved as the ideal platform for all IT companies. Out of the top 10 software development, .NET is the second most preferred platform as per the Stack Overflow developer Survey 2020. Here are some Pros and Cons of .Net.


  1. .Net programming modules are based on object-oriented, it makes the code manageable, quick responding on recurring issues and it easier to test.
  2. To build, debug, and publish applications across different platforms, inclusive of Android and iOS, Visual Studio IDE is a single integrated development environment.
  3. .Net is the Simple Caching System. it is used for improving the performance and scalability of Windows client and server applications by allowing developers to create custom cache implementation.
  4. If you are a cross-platform application developer who needs integration, NET Core Platform is one of the easiest ways to develop cross-platform web applications, inclusive of Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  5. Easy to Deploy .Net, which means it can be installed as part of the application.
  6. .NET helps in developing applications in multiple domains such as Gaming, Mobile, IoT, AI, & ML.


  1. With the consideration of new database designs. There are difficult concerns related to the flexibility of .Net Software application development.
  2. There is a Vendor Lock-in, if Microsoft imposes any changes and limitations will ineluctably impact projects design under the .NET framework.
  3. .NET incurred high Licensing costs; it is not cheap to develop applications on .NET irrespective of open source. There are few aspects that cost money in terms of licensing fees.
  4. There are stability issues for New Release as sometimes new releases are lack proper documentation and support and are prone to drastic change.
  5. Difficulty in Transitioning, if the application is built in an older version of .NET, therefore, transitioning the application from an older version to a new version is quite rough.
  6. Memory leaks are the most critical issue in .Net, although it has its garbage collector for those problems, still it needs extra effort into proper resource management.


Irrespective of this fact that .Net has its own Cons as per the Popularity of Programming Languages Index, C# is the 4th positioned popular framework. Among some of the best software frameworks that are developed by Microsoft .Net is the best one. With .Net developers are able to develop any kind of application from simplest to complex ones in the programming platform. Thus, to make it possible to construct application with reusable codes require programming language like C++, VB.Net, ASP.Net, AngularJs, React, WCF, and Web APIs. We Infiniti Tech Solution are effectively qualified in developing applications at .Net platforms.

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